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Related article: we must speak next month. Next in importance to the Boat Race, and quite as much of a national function, is the athletic meeting at Queen's Club on March Order Aldara 24th. Both teams have shown their hands, and we fancy Oxford will repeat their recent victories. The Dark Blues Buy Aldara Online should win the •* Hundred," Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, and the Light Blues the Aldara Cream Online " Quarter;' Hali- Mile, Mile, and Weight. Boih Imiquimod Aldara Cream the Hammer and Three Miles ire very open events, unless V ^. Fremantle turns Aldara Gel out for Oxford again for the last-named, in vluch case he should win easily, Oxford should also win the Boxing and Fencing contests — a sabre tussle will be included this year— to be decided on March 9th at Cam- bridge. In both departments Aldara Coupon the exposition should be right Aldara 3m abo« the average. On current form, Cambridge are likely to excel at chess, and it is noteworthy Cheap Aldara thai shortly afterwards the Sister Uni- versities will contend with thei American Universities in a cabte chess match. It would be idle to affect profundity on the issue of this match, for obvious reasons* We also fancy Cambridge for tlrt golf match, to be played over th$; Sandwich Links Aldara Cream Uk on March 28tb| but Oxford should win both th^ billiards and racquets competitii fairly easily. R. E. Foster available for the latter, and is i tremendous form already, Aldara Cream Buy much for coming events. The Inter-'Varsity Associatii Match attracted a very large fashionable crowd to Queen Club on February i8th last; Cai bridge — as Aldara Cream Generic we predicted last mon — winning easily by 3 goals Other events of importance sine our Generic Aldara last have been few and fa between, an interregnum of prarivate links, especially in cases irhere Aldara Cream Cost the 3m Aldara soil is heavy and there s a strong growth of grass, and rhere artificial bunkers require requent renovation, is a very serious affair, and it is small wonder that many committees should be looking about for addi- tional sources of income in order to bring out a balance on the right side of the accounts. In several cases the expedient has been resorted to of charging new members a higher annual sub- scription than that of the others, and the former not unnaturally object. The ground they take is that all members of a club should be treated alike once they have been admitted to full mem- bership, just as the advantages they derive are identical, and they point out Aldara Uk that not infrequently the entrance fee they have paid was much larger in amount than that of very many of their fellow members. By way of illustrating this, the case of the Tooting Bee Club occurs to me, in which the original members paid no entrance fee at all, while members joining now, or who have joined during the last three or four years, paid fifteen guineas. The annual sub- scription of the Tooting Bee Club is the same for everybody, so that there is no grievance Purchase Aldara Online there, but accepting the case for the purpose of argument, it certainly would seem to be a hardship that a member who has Order Aldara Online paid fifteen guineas should be called upon to contribute a larger subscription each year than one who Aldara Cream Warts has paid no entrance fee at all. Obviously the juster plan would be, if the money is required, to increase the annual Aldara Canada subscription all round. ''Addenda to Northampton- shire in 1827, '28 and '29.' —In the lines under this heading in last month's issue (pages 119 and 120) one or two misprints oc- curred. The reference in the second stanza was to the " Rector of Ecton," not *' Eton," as printed, and the second line in the last stanza save one should have read 232 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Much •* George Elwes, SLgemmanall over, comes out." Hunting Aooident with the Essex Hounds. — While hunting on Friday, the 17th inst., from Stebbing, Bran End, Mrs. Douglas Aldara Generic Grossman, one of the most pro- minent and regular lady followers of the hunt, met >vith a serious